Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper


Mommy doesn't know that all the neighborhood boys and men are having Sex with her little girl.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Friend Melissa

I guess the "Church Lady" was in an Art Class with somebody's Mom. They were using a Studio one of the Students friends because it was a Church Class and no Nudes were allowed.

They were in this Studio and the "Church Lady" was coaxed into posing nude after several drinks and shots. Bobby was in the Class and he stripped down to Nude. He was on stage with her and eventually got her to suck on his Cock. It was all over after that! 2 other Black Guys went up also.

Bobby's Cock is Huge! She was screaming for him to pull it out, but he did not until he shot about a pint of his Cum inside her. He Fucked her real hard. She has a larger body frame that is closer to what he needs in a Woman for Sex. If she is too small he can’t have Sex with a Woman.

That's why I am somewhat hesitate about him messing with Melissa. He's way too Big for that Baby Girl's little Coochie. She might be able to perform Oral Sex, but nothing else.

Patty's Mom

My Stepmom's boyfriend wants me to bring over my friend Melissa that he had met recently. I wish I had never introduced him to her. I did that before with a Lady from Church and he got her pregnant.